My name is Francien Krieg, i am a Dutch painter since 2001.Since a few years i started accepting commission portraiture because it is a beautifull process and a challenge to make the client happy.
I am open for all kind of assignments: children, groups , adults, nudes, etc.You can reach out to me for more information.
Just to give an estimation of prices and possibilities:

small sizes portraits: 20 x 30 cm oval or square wooden panel: 800 euro
{ from head incl part of shoulders]
Bigger sizes: 80 x 60 cm: 2500 euro
[Whole figure]
groupportraits whole figures 4 people : 130 x 100 cm 8000 euro

For assignments within Holland: i will come to make a photoshoot , i will need 3 to 4 hours .
The painting itself the whole proces depending on the size can be between 1 month for smaller works to 6 months for big size works.
For assignments outside of Holland i can make a painting based on the photos you will send me